Which Puppy Vitamins Should I Give My Pet?

The subject of puppy vitamins is an important one because a puppy has definite nutritional needs if it is going to grow up to be a healthy, happy dog. There are many puppy vitamins on the market, and it would seem to be appropriate to include some of them as supplements to a puppy's regular diet. After all, humans often take a multiple vitamin tablet on a daily basis in the event the day's meals might be deficient in one or more important vitamins or minerals.

The same would be true for a dog or puppy if its diet consisted solely of human food such as table scraps, or if a low grade pet food made up the bulk of its diet. If a puppy is provided with premium quality puppy food, be it dry or canned food, supplemental puppy vitamins are unnecessary. The pet food is engineered to give the animal the nutrients it needs, day in and day out.

People Food and Dog Food Are Not The Same - Dogs are omnivores, eating both meat and vegetable matter, though ask any dog its preference and 9 out of 10 would probably choose meat. A puppy could become a baby carnivore if fed only meat, but it will grow into a much healthier animal if given an omnivore's diet, a mixture of meats, vegetables, and grains. This doesn't mean that if we eat a well balanced meal and give the same food to a dog or puppy, it will be having a well balanced meal as well. We do have a tendency to "humanize" our pets, we can't help it, but a dog's nutritional needs are different from ours. They require essentially the same vitamins and minerals, and other nutrients, as we do, but in different amounts or proportions. We can become ill from an overdose of certain vitamins, and so can a puppy or dog. Feeding a puppy vitamins in supplemental form could actually be very bad for it, should it get an overdose. The best advice to follow regarding puppy vitamins, in pill or liquid form, would be to give them in response to a medical problem, where the extra vitamins may be  needed, but only doing so on the advice of veterinarian. Don't purchase puppy vitamins simply because the box or bottle has a picture of a healthy, happy puppy on it. You could end up with just the opposite as a pet.

Purchase A Premium Puppy Food - The best ways to ensure that your puppy is getting the puppy vitamins it needs is to feed it a premium dog food. Don't skimp on pet food as it has been more or less proven that the more expensive it is, the better it is for your dog. Some of the little cans of fancy foods, designer foods if you will, may seem to be a bit too much, a small amount food at a higher price, but these foods are often the most nutritious of all. One doesn't need to purchase the most nutritious food though, only that having adequate nutrition, and premium dog and puppy food has that.

Summary - In the future, when in the supermarket and you're walking past the puppy vitamins, keep on walking. If you're convinced that your puppy is in dire need of vitamin supplements, or that it would just make him into a better dog, check with the veterinarian first. Unless the vet has a side business selling puppy vitamins, he or she will probably advise you on the puppy food you should be using, and tell you that supplements will do little extra good, and could actually cause harm.