Facts About Expired Vitamins

Although a lot of people believe that there is nothing wrong with taking expired vitamins, there are some facts that should not be ignored; one important fact to consider is that vitamins may not be quite as potent when they have gone passed their expiration date. There is a reason why pharmaceutical companies place expiration dates on vitamins.

It is common for people to hang on to expired vitamins due to the fact that they are so costly, but these vitamins have no guarantee of being as potent as they were before they expired. One concern about taking vitamins that are expired is if they are safe.

The reason that people will frequently hold onto expired vitamins is that even though there is no guarantee of their potency, there is also nothing that says that they lose much of their strength either. Basically there is no proof that taking vitamins that have expired will be any less beneficial if you are taking them a week or month beyond that date. Unfortunately, even if you do keep the vitamins dry and away from light to help to keep them from degrading, this does not mean that they will be okay to take.

Pharmaceutical companies determine the expiration date for vitamins by putting them through laboratory tests that reveal how long the supplements can last before their potency begins to degrade. This can be different for the different types of vitamins. It’s true that the vitamins may last longer than what is on the expiration date, but there is no guarantee of their potency.

Another purpose of these companies putting a date for expired vitamins is that it helps to ensure future sales. This is one thing to consider when taking these supplements; these drug companies are out to make money. For this reason there is no doubt that they probably do put a shorter expiration date as opposed to a longer one, even though the vitamins may actually be good for a longer period of time.

Health is too important to gamble on so you should know as much as possible about taking expired vitamins before you do. For instance, it is a fact that vitamins may lose their potency, but mineral supplements probably won’t. As long as the minerals do not oxidize, they will maintain their quality.

Vitamins that are in pill form will maintain their quality longer than those that are in capsule form. The reason for this is that those in pill form do not contains fats, but gelatin or capsules do.

Another common practice for those who take expired vitamins is to double the dosage in order to ensure that they are getting enough potency from the supplement, but this really isn’t a very good idea because there are some vitamins that can be a health risk if you take too much of them. This is especially true for minerals, such as iron supplements, but there are also vitamins that can be dangerous if you consume too much of them.

As long as you do not double the dosage when you take expired vitamins they should not be a health danger, but you have to take into consideration that you may not be getting enough vitamins this way. To be absolutely sure that you are getting the right potency and highest quality vitamins, it is best to dispose of expired vitamins and buy new ones. This is really the only way you will know for sure that you are getting the vitamins that your body needs, at the right potency.